Celebrating economic well being and increased quality of life in Sonoma County.

Voting end August 28th. 


The Economic Prosperity Awards recognize organizations that contribute to the overall economic health of their communities, progressing Sonoma County economic development priorities. In total, there are six awards; two classes with three categories in each class. 


Drawing inspiration from EDB 3.0 Action Plan, there are three award categories that showcase the three development domains in the plan. The categories are programmatic in nature and are intended for organizations. In situations where more than one organization collaborated on a program, both organizations may submit one nomination for the program. 

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Education & Workforce Development

Programs and initiatives that foster a healthy workforce and provide opportunities for economic advancement.  


Jobs & Business Development

Initiatives that encourage the creation or support the advancement of jobs and businesses development in Sonoma County.  

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Housing & Community Development

Innovative programs that create and cultivate inclusive communities or safe and accessible quality of life.


Recognizing that projects and programs run different life cycles, the award classes are divided up as such. All classes must be able to show measurable success or progress in the nomination form. 

Ongoing & Long Term

Projects and programs in this class must have been active for at least three years by the time of nominations.

Short Term

Projects and programs in this class must have concluded by time nominations open. Maximum project and program length is two years.

Requirements & Deadlines

Nominations are only open to nonprofit and public sector organizations. Organizations can nominate themselves and/or others. After the nomination period, the public will get an opportunity to vote on programs and projects they believe are deserving of the Economic Prosperity Awards. 

Awardees will be recognized at the 2023 Fall Economic Perspectives event and will through media outlets. 


  • July 24: Nomination Deadline
  • July 31 - August 28: Public Voting 
  • September 5: Award Announcement 
  • October 19: Award Presentation at 2023 Fall Economic Perspective